Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Call you don't want to get...

So I get a call from Amy yesterday -- Honey, I've been an accident. Will and I are at the Hospital but we are ok. The car is totaled.

Talk about the heart attack if you ever say so. Not to mention the circumstances that I was already in. I'm so glad everyone is ok and no one is hurt.

The saying is true, most accident occur less than 2 miles from your home. This was less than a mile. Amy was travelling along a highway, 50+ mph, and a lady pulls out. Must not have seen amy at all. Clips the front passenger. Flips the car over. Amy is upside down and get out screaming, My baby, my baby!!!!. She couldn't get him unbuckled, a man was there that had stopped, and was able to get him unbuckled. The police and ambulance show up and strap amy to the 'board' and take everyone to the hospital to get checked out.

There was 2 ladies in the other car and one was pregnant as well. As far as we know they are ok too. We are trying to make the 1 car work until we figure out what to do and the insurance kicks in.

Might decide to get a beater once this is all over and done and just a commuter car for the short trips. Well, here's to everyone being ok.


Shan said...

Oh, that is so scarey! I'm glad you both weren't seriously hurt. Wow. Hope you don't have neck or headaches later, Amy. Glad the man stopped and helped Will get out...I can only imagine trying to get your newborn out - with a flipped over car.
Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

That is an awful call but am so thankful Amy and Will are OK!

Lots of love,
mom & dad

Conner Clan said...

Oh my gosh! That is sooo scary! With a brand new baby! I'm so glad Amy and the baby are okay. What an experience to have with a newborn. It makes you so mad at people who aren't watching like they should. I hope she doesn't have any neck or back injuries.

Anonymous said...

I get so choked up reading about what happened. I am going to give Amy a call---it's just so scary to go through something like that with your baby. I love you guys!!!! Big hug to your safeness!

Love, Taylor