Thursday, November 13, 2008

Our new car

So we found a new car this week. We had bought one from carmax, but we ended up returning it the next day because we already had problems. We ended up getting a new hyundai accent. The pic is silver, but we actually got a charcoal grey. I know its not the santa fe but this baby will get at least 30 mpg and will be the my commuter car for work. Its a stick shift, so we'll have to get amy up to speed on that. We have to crank the windows even!!!! :) It has a great warranty on it so that also gives us the peace of mind and we should be able to have it paid off in the same amount of time. It actually didn't even come with a radio but the dealer is throwing one in for us... phew. No automatic locks, i'm pricing this out as I didn't realize how much of a convenience it is to be able to unlock the door with a baby carrier. I was worried that I would have to get it moving flintstone style, but luckily the engine was included in the base package that we opted for... :)


Mom Kratt said...

I like the color and the miles/gallon on the new car- I'm glad you found out right away with the other car! Commuter car? - who will mostly be driving it?? Re the key locks, maybe the driver won't always have the kids so it might only occasionally be a problem. I got the first cracked windshield on the civic today (frown)...