Monday, June 29, 2009

Toilet Paper

The other day Isaac yells downstairs to me that the bathroom he is in has run out of toilet paper and he wants me to get him some more. I am in the middle of feeding William so I tell Isaac to go into our bathroom and get the toilet paper in there. Later I ask him if everything was okay and he says he took care of it. A couple days later I am using Isaac's bathroom (which I rarely go in there because well it's a little boy's bathroom) and I go to grab some toilet paper and this is what I find.

I start laughing so hard because I am realizing that we keep our extra paper towel rolls in the bathroom linen closet with the extra toilet paper rolls and I'm guessing this is the first roll he came to. I then call him up to the bathroom and ask him if anything looks strange in the bathroom and he finally starts laughing with me when he realizes (with a little explanation from me) that he has indeed wiped himself with a huge paper towel.

I don't think my life would be filled with this much laughter if I didn't have my boys!


Shan said...

LOL and ROFL!! I love it! Oh, this is a keeper. And fun that Isaac got the joke, too! Cute that he didn't at first wonder, wow, this toilet paper is MASSIVE!