Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Exciting Trip to Wisconsin

We decided to go up to Wisconsin again last weekend for the community garage sale and Dam Days that they have in Spring Valley this time of year. They had all kinds of activities going on around town for all different ages and it was homecoming weekend so we went to the high school football game (Spring Valley Won!!!). We also participated in the walk/run/ride for the bike raffle (cousin Jake won a bike!), youth olympics, 10K run (Derrick and his 2 sisters, Shannon and Taylor, did awesome!), fire truck ride, train ride, bicycle race (Isaac took 2nd place in his age group), and the Folliez (community talent show that Brooke, Isaac, Jake, and Samantha participated in). We had a jam packed weekend but enjoyed every minute of it! There's nothing like visiting family!

Cup stacking at the youth olympics.

Long jump at the youth olympics.

40 yard dash at the youth olympics.

The preschool boys ceremony.

The 4th and 5th grade ceremony.

Isaac in the bike race.

Isaac, Jake, Samantha, and Taylor dancing in the Folliez.


Joan said...

It really WAS fun despite having to deal with the garage sale. Hope the lemonade and apple sale money came in handy for an extra treat -our treat was seeing you all!

Taylor said...

I loved the photos you took! Tooo cute! Miss you guys already!

Shan said...

Loved the pictures and seeing you all, too! Thanks for getting around during the youth olympics to get pictures from young and older kid age groups while we ran the 10K. This was my first firetruck ride, too. It was a treat to see family. I loved how Isaac sang his "apples and lemonade for sale" song at the garage sale. :)