Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekend Trip to St. Louis

A couple weekends ago we went to St. Louis for Derrick's volleyball tournament. Derrick came home with an injury and I was exhausted by the end of the trip but we did have a fabulous time!

Isaac and William posing by the fountain outside of Pujols 5 restaurant.

Isaac was very curious about making wishes and he decided to throw one penny in for himself and one for William so that he could make 2 wishes.

We also visited Turtle Park in St. Louis and Isaac loved climbing on everything!

I have such cute boys in my family!

We finished our time in St. Louis by going to the Magic House. This is a children's museum with all kinds of fun activities for the whole family. I highly recommend visiting the Magic House! This picture shows Isaac sliding down the slide in the Curious George room.

Here is construction worker Isaac.

Here is William enjoying one of his favorite things - steering wheels. He was supposed to be determining his reaction time when the light turned red but he couldn't quite reach the brake.


Shan said...

These are adorable pictures! I loved the ones on the turtle. The boys looked like they loved that museum. What a cool place. Hope your injury is on the mend, Derrick!

Joan said...

Looking forward to the birthday celebration on Sunday with the Youngest of the Kratt's. Hope all are well and appetites are strong!