Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Adventures

We have had so much going on lately I am just now getting caught up on posting all of the Halloween activities. Isaac and I baked cookies and Isaac iced them. We all went to Derrick's work Halloween party last week. Finally, we finished our halloween festivities at a Halloween party at my friend Gina's and then trick-or-treating with my sister's family Halloween night around our neighborhood. We had so much fun!!!

Isaac rolling out the dough.

Isaac icing the cookies in his underwear!

William is in to climbing up chairs so he can find things to eat or drink on tables. This is at Derrick's work party.

Derrick and Isaac were standing in line at a balloon artist. Isaac had her make him some wings. A couple days later William bit into the balloon wings and when they popped he proceeded to cry!

Derrick and Isaac went on a haunted bus outside of Derrick's work.

Here are all the kids at my friend Gina's party. As you can see, 4 of the 5 children were dressed as Tigger. Isaac is the original in his Venom (black Spiderman) costume.

Joshua dressed as a spider.

Kamryn dressed as a hot dog. My mom made this costume for her.

Izabelle dressed as a purple dragon.


Joan said...

Save some of those cookies for us!

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