Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moving Weekend

Well, moving day is upon us, and behind us. We got all the stuff out of the old place and into the new. I'm glad the move is complete. Now onto all the unpacking and honeydo lists.

I got the shower handle leak fixed. I also got the 1/2 bath on the lower level fixed as well. I ended up having to replace the whole faucet/handles. I also was able to get to the tub caulking, and got it all replaced. The only thing we have left to do that was found on the inspection side to address, is a flashing re-caulk on the roof and weather stripping on the back door.

We got all the dining room furniture installed and we love it. The office is setup as well. Internet and phone are up and running. Our cell phones work ok on the second floor but not very well on the main floor. If you want to call us on the home line its 816.229.4599.

We gave up cable... but we get all the local channels on the major networks so its for the best. :)

I think I'll work on organizing the garage today, and getting my bikes, other things hung on the wall.


Shan said...

You've gotten a lot done this past week. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!