Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our Financial Journey

Well, we have decided to acknowledge that we want to make a change. And realized that we can't continue down the path that we are on.... We have decided to 'live like no one else, so later we can live like no one else."

We are taking on snowballs, and snow flakes, and putting avalanches to our plan.

We have become Gazelle like, and focused intensity....

What is it you may ask??? Well, we have prayed about it and know this is what we want to do. We are taking on Dave Ramsey's Plan. We are tackling his 7 baby step plan to financial freedom.

We have cut up our credit cards. Setup a plan, and are tackling it.
Step 1 is done.
Step 2 is in progress , and will be for a while.

I've gone around the house and listed anything we can sell up in the classifieds.

1 Debt is gone, and 2 more should be gone next month.


Shan said...

Sounds awesome! Good for you guys. Tell me more about this when we see you again. Looking forward to the holidays!! Miss you guys!!

Abby said...

I have/am still working on the Dave Ramsey has changed my life!! Best of luck, from experience the first three months were the most difficult for me, but then after that, it was just part of my life!! My transmission just went out on my car and it was so nice to not have to worry, thanks to my emergency fund! :)